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Value of Long Tail Keywords – Part 3

Last week we looked at examples of Long Tail keywords, using variations of the search term “raisins.” Within any ethical seo campaign, the initial stages focus on allowing Google to recognise the relationship between a website and particular keyword. By focusing on Long Tail variations (with less competition), we are allowing Google to understand the […]

Value of Long Tail Keywords – Part 2

In Part 1 we explained what Short Tail keywords are, using the example “raisins.”  Short Tail keywords can bring large amounts of traffic but not necessarily significant ROI because they arent ‘buying’ keywords, which indicate a user looking to complete an action. Long Tail Keywords are keyword phrases consisting of 2 words or more, usually […]

Value of Long Tail Keywords – Part 1

There are two types of keywords, Short Tail and Long Tail. Short Tail keywords are keywords which are 1 or 2 word phrases, and are typically the most competitive, harder to rank for keywords. The opposite of these is Long Tail keywords, which comprise of niche variations of Short Tail keywords which are more specific […]

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