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“Not Provided” Keywords in Analytics

Those of you analysing your Google Analytics will notice that a percentage of your referring keywords will display as ‘not provided’.  This has come about due to Google introducing a new security measure protecting particular user searches. Summed up quite nicely by Econsultancy: “Before October 18th 2011, whenever visits landed on your site from its search […]

Calculating an SEO Budget

Working out an accurate budget for SEO is no easy task, whether your a client or agency. Depending on your objectives and other forms of business advertising, your SEO budget will be a proportion amount of your overall marketing budget for your business. Our general rule of thumb when calculating an appropriate budget for a […]

Google Market Share Down for October

Hitwise’s latest market share statistics show Google are still dominant with over 90% market share of all searches within the U.K. October saw Google scrape just over 90% (90.02% to be exact), down from September’s figure of 91.34%. There is no need to worry, as this is obviously still the controlling share within the U.K, […]

Google+ Now Available for Businesses

Today Google announced the much awaited release of Google + Pages for businesses, places and products. The social network equivalent to facebook now lets you ‘build relationships with all the things you care about’, whether its a football team, friends business, or simply a product you love. “For businesses and brands, Google+ pages help you […]

Its Movember!

Its that time of year when a few (male)  individuals sacrifice normality and good looks for a whole 30 days to raise awareness for mens health. Yes, its Movember! What is Movember? Each year in the month of November,  men grow weird and wonderful moustaches to raise awareness for mens health, specifically prostate cancer and […]

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