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Link Building With Google Panda

Last year Google Panda completely changed the way we conduct SEO. The update to the algorithm determining site ranking transformed what we consider to be ethical SEO and punished those sites that took the ‘easy’ route to link building. Here’s an easy to understand run down of the significant changes Panda has made to professional […]

4 Step Guide To Keyword Research

Effective keyword research is one of the fundamental foundations of ethical SEO, and for a good reason. A keyword is what drives traffic for businesses and by conducting research into the subject it gives you a better understanding about how customers find your site and what terms they are searching for. Becoming aware of keywords […]

Wikipedia blacked out

Wikipedia officials have blacked out the worlds biggest encyclopedia for a period of 24 hours to protest against two bills being released in America. Website officials are allowing access only to specific pages which provide details of why they are protesting during the blackout period. When landing on wikipedia, users will see the following notification: […]

Google breaks own paid links guideline

An article published by Search Engine Land yesterday depicted details of a campaign employed by Google which promotes the Google Chrome browser, but violates the search engines guidelines against paid links. Aaron wall of SEO BOOK found that conducting a search for “This post is sponsored by Google” returns over 400 results which have been […]

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