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Google Privacy Policy ‘Unlawful’

Google’s new privacy policy, set to go live on Thursday, is said to be ‘unlawful’ by the European Commission’s data protection advisors. The search giant unveiled plans to introduce a new unified privacy policy to cover all its services last month. The consolidated data pool that a singular policy brings will allow Google to track […]

Yandex – Twitter’s New Search Partner

Yandex, Google’s Russian rival, has announced that it will carry Twitter data in all its search results. The agreement will see Twitter results appear in Yandex’s blog search results, as well as through a dedicated URL, The Russian search giant has described the partnership as a ‘licensing deal’ and although the terms of the […]

Google To Buy Motorola Mobility

The biggest piece of tech news to emerge this week is that Google’s plan to buy mobile phone manufacturer Motorola Mobility has been approved by the US Justice Department. Google, owner of the Android operating system for mobile phones, said in August that it planned to purchase Motorola for its 17,000 patents and 7,500 patent […]

What is Universal Search?

SEO is a sector bogged down in a raft of terminology, so it can be easy for a something to pass you by. If during your ethical SEO research you came across the term Universal Search, also known as Blended Search, and had no idea what it meant then this is the guide to help […]

Google+ Restrictive Name Policy

Good news for Google+ members who were previously upset about being forced to register with their real name, the social networking has announced that it plans to relax its draconian naming policy. An update to Google+’s pseudonym policy is being rolled out, which adds the ability to use a nickname or maiden name and have […]

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