Archive for March, 2012

Google’s ‘Over Optimisation’ Penalty

At the moment there is little to no penalty for optimising a website  entirely for SEO purposes, making it always wiser to over-optimise rather than not. That may well change, however, as Google’s Matt Cutts has announced that the search engine giant is working on an ‘over-optimisation’ penalty for sites that are too focused on […]

Google Still No. 1 Search Engine

Internet search engine giant Google has been top dog of the search engines for a long while now and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon, according to a poll of search engine users in America. A staggering 83 per cent of respondents to a survey carried out by the Pew Internet & […]

Site Structure and Google Indexation

Search engines are still one of the most important traffic drivers to sites and are the reason why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is incredibly important. Every SEO specialist knows that effective site structure is absolutely vital to driving traffic to a website as your site’s structure determines whether a search engine understands the topic of […]

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